Ol’ Sunday Update

Some points of business.

1. Finally got the .com working, took a move to WordPress to do it but it got there. Major hurrah, its now all real and stuff.

2. Possible venue to call home in future may have been found, thank you very much Anseo.

3. Add us on Facebook, because thats what you’re supposed to do right?

4. Finally, more thanks to anyone who has helped out over the last couple of weeks with advice and whatnot, things are really coming together and it looks like it might be a very interesting summer. You can get your ten minutes of Market Force free by clicking here or just have a listen here.

And, because it wouldn’t really be cool to leave without a video and because his show on Wednesday kicked serious ass and it gave rise to the idea of using Anseo’s upstairs in the future, Patrick Kelleher with ‘Coat To Wear’.


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