Free Music Week: BERU

BERU is the nom-de-plume of LA based singer-songwriter Jessica Collins. Collins’ particular take on the grand tradition of  folk music is a distinctly modern one, taking the form of a huge collage pieced together from innumerable sources. Her sound may at first seem ethereal but it is uniquely grounded in nature with birdsong and field recordings playing a huge part in her aesthetic.

Her lyrics take on the subject of love on a spiritual plane, with nothing held as dear as family and friends. Over the course of four albums she has delved ever deeper into the roots of folk music, burying under the standard definitions and coming out in a place more primal and vital.

While her music may earn her comparisons to the likes of Grouper or Sunn O))), Collins’ work is more scattered, less precise and calculated than either of those acts. Hers in an instinctual sound, as she says herself “like journal entries”. Her influences can be clearly seen on the wonderful mixtape she has made just for us. Everything from classic seventies rock from Heart and The Allman Brothers through the classic works of Alice Coltrane and Steve Reich to distinctly more modern sounds from the likes of Fever Ray and Swans is present. Taken as a whole it shows the unlimited scope of influence upon an artist as open-minded as BERU. Hope you enjoy listening to the mixtape and to all of BERU’s music.

BERU’s best loved music mix on Mediafire (188mb)

You can download three of BERU’s albums from her Myspace.

BERU on Tumblr

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