Free Music Week: Hipster Youth

Aidan Wall is a talented man. Under various guises and pseudonyms he has been quietly making some of the most delicious music to come out of this fair isle over the last couple of years. With Porn On Vinyl he revels in a barren, acoustic world that would make Phil Elvrum smile. With Porn.exe he challenged popular assumptions of programmed music, managing to make something undeniably alive from a bunch of ones, zeros and out of date electronics. Hipster Youth is his newest endeavor and debut album Teenage Elders represents his finest achievement to date.

Taking the lessons learned from Porn.exe, Wall ratchets everything up a notch. Combining 8-bit electronica with various explorations into house, electro and bedroom raves he has created an after-party of an album. Once again Wall manages to take synthetic sounds and forge something inherently humane from them, with notes played out of time, bit-crushed vocals or some momentous dischord parting the veil and showing the listener the mortal hands pushing all the buttons. Although all the lovely CD-Rs with poster packages are sold out, you can still download the album for free.

Aidan also runs the record label Long Lost Records, upon which Teenage Elders was released. Since then the fledgling imprint has become home to the debut album by Desperadow and is giving a well-warranted physical release to one of the most consistently over-looked Irish albums of recent times, Western Homes‘ ‘Are Empty’ (I only heard it thanks to a tiny-but-glowing review in Totally Dublin a little while back). With a new Porn On Vinyl release coming soon and a record from Dublin’s Goodly Thousands due, Long Lost is only getting started.

You can get just about everything mentioned here from the official Long Lost Records website at

You can see some of the influences that go into making up the noise inside Aidan Walls’ head if you have a listen to the lovely mixtape he has made for us. Lots of vintage abstract hip-hop, crazy electronica and a good helping of Agent Dale Cooper. Kyle MacLachlan, never forget.

Mixtape For Those With Moderate Attention Spans on Mediafire (77mb)

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