Free Music Week: Market Force

Well this is pretty unashamed. I figure this is supposed to operate on some level as some sort of record label so it would be pretty weird not to mention the only stuff actually released, per se, on it. I won’t go on about this because I can’t really talk about myself without sounding like a bit of a dick.  But I’ll just say, have a listen to all the music if you feel so inclined. The Skinny White EP sounds like I was listening to far too much WHY? at the time, which I probably was. The Instrumentals Virtual 7″ is more electronic and was written/recorded over about 12 hours on a Sunday a couple of weeks back. There will be more to come in the future, whenever I get around to it.

Skinny White EP:

Instrumental 7″:

For now, here’s a mixtape. It features, amongst others, Joanna Newsom, Clouddead, Perfume Genius, Sacred Animals, Themselves and a genius Radiohead/Eric B and Rakim mash-up by Dave Wrangler which I really wish I had thought of first.

Finally, I have the distinct pleasure of playing my first and second gigs next week, firstly in Whelans on the 22nd with Cloud Castle Lake and The Parks, secondly in Twisted Pepper with Theatre Royal on the 25th. If you could make it to either you should, because all the other bands involved are deadly.

It’s pretty pointless but here’s the Market Force Myspace.



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