Free Music Week: Guest Post – Ruan van Vliet (Popical Island)

Hello. I’ve chosen to write about the Beko Digital Singles Label which was kind of a silly move as I know very little about them. I’m not even sure if it’s a ‘them’ or a ‘him’ or ‘her’ or whatever. There’s no info on their website either, just the simple, colourful artwork and of course, the music. But maybe that’s a good thing? Yeah.

It’s a simple idea – every week comes a free new ‘single’ by a band you probably haven’t heard of, well I haven’t heard of 97% of them, i think i found it after searching for stuff by Eternal Summers after becoming obsessed with this song, and most of it is pretty great! If you don’t believe me you can grab one of their round up comps before diving in. Go on.

Beko Digital Singles Label

Ruan van Vliet is a central cog in the indie-pop machine that is Popical Island, probably everyone’s favourite record label/collective of the year. They’ve had a hand in releases by the likes of Squarehead, Yeh Deadlies, Tiernanniesaur and No Monster Club over the last while. The Popical compilation is available on Bandcamp for just a fiver. You can stream it for free.

Popical Island on Tumblr

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