Free Music Week: Coma Cinema

“I don’t believe in what I believed in for such a long time…”

This is a tough one. Coma Cinema are my great big secret of the year and pretty much the reason I did this whole free music week in the first place. They are a band I discovered somehow, somewhere, in the midst of early summer and refused to let myself tell anyone about. It was a strange little personal experiment. I couldn’t remember the last time I found a band I loved and didn’t tell anyone about it. It seemed like an unnatural thing to do. In this age of constant, unbounded sharing, it was very nice to have a secret. Whenever I put them on I had something that felt entirely mine, something not influenced in any way by any outside forces. The lyrics were interpreted though my eyes only and the music became the soundtrack to my summer. ‘Stoned Alone’ has been played on my iPod more than any other album over the last three months and my days have more often than not been narrated by the uniquely warm voice of Mat Cothran.

But the time has come to share this music. Why? Mainly because of these words, which have been eating away at me for months. “If you feel the need to compensate us, we only ask that you share the music with others.” So, despite all the music being free, I still felt like I was stealing from this band. This is payback.

I can’t really begin to describe why exactly Coma Cinema are so great. I think they sound like an amalgamation of most of the influences I’ve had over the last five years. They have a very strong DIY attitude and write songs that, at times, sound like Bright Eyes without the drama. Which is not to say it’s uneventful,just that there is a certain lightness to the touch that maybe shows an older hand dealing with the subjects that once dragged a young Oberst down. I often get an Elliot Smith feeling from the songs. Sometimes they remind me of early WHY? or Hymie’s Basement or something. That same self-deprecating, spacious bedroom noise is all over these records. I don’t want to describe it the songs in too much detail, just listen and you’ll figure it all out.

Mat Cothran is the man behind the songs. He is a well of creativity and, as well as writing and recording all of the Coma Cinema catalogue, also runs the fantastic Summer Time In Hell blog and is part of many different bands/projects/collaborations. The latest of which are Coma Foxes with Foxes in Fictions’ Warren Hildebrand, featured here yesterday, and The September 11ths where he takes on electronic music in his own stunning manner.

Blue Suicide, the third (and apparently penultimate) Coma Cinema album, is due to drop soon as a free download and on cassette. It has the coolest album cover of all time. This here is a track from it:

You’ll find absolutely everything you need to begin a new obsession at

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