Free Music Week: Guest Post: Naomi McArdle

One of the best things about blogging independently this year is that I’ve been able to focus on music I really like and Hunter-Gatherer’s played a big part in that. He gives away an awful lot of stuff for free which is always a plus for digital music aficionados. I first heard his music about two years ago via someone’s blog – probably Darragh or Karl – and liked it..however it wasn’t until the release of I Dreamed I Was A Footstep In the Trail Of A Murderer that I really ‘got’ what HunGa was doing.

Emotional music may seem a bit contrived and to some extent it’s true when a random artist attempts to reach out to people with lyrics which therefore must undergo a degree of pasturisation in order to be generally palatable. Instrumental music was my introduction to the realm of evocation but after a while I found post-rock quite boring, lacking the subtleties that power hearts and minds with strong currents of anger and joy. In November 2009 the electronic catalogue of Hunter-Gatherer’s sensitivity brought a new level of appreciation, a delivery of urgency and calm, tracks like Cloud and Recovery Friend so able to withstand repeated plays that, well, they’re still playing, almost a year later.

– Naomi

All of Hunter-Gatherer’s work, including the excellent Fingerprint series, is available from HunGa’s myspace.

Naomi McArdle is a top class music writer and her words can be seen adorning the pages of Hot Press, AU and Le Cool, amongst others. Her blog is a genuine treasure – Harmless Noise
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