Quompilation Updates! Stream/Launch/etc

So the week is finally upon us, the week all this buzz and hustle has been about. On Thursday night next, the little baby that is Quompilation #1 will be released into the world as spinning bundle of cassette-shaped joy. Within the comfortable confines of the Lower Deck, seven bands shall play for your entertainment, each as good as the last. Very happy to say that it’ll be the first ever Rhino Magic gig and we’re honoured to be hosting what will, no doubt, go down as an historic/legendary twenty-odd minutes.

Above is a small bit of the artwork from the tape, designed by the wonderful Ms. Megan Conlon-O’Reilly who has Tumblr where you have a look at the other arty hi-jinks she does be getting up to. Thanks must also go to Nialler9 for hosting the stream of the Quomp, his support has been invaluable as we’re obviously relying completely on word of mouth for this whole thing.   So here it is anyway, the Quomp in all it’s glory. I think you’ll agree that the bands have outdone themselves and the quality is just ridiculously high throughout. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together. See you all Thursday?

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  2. […] But the entire Quompilation #1 is chock full of a whole host of really delicious covers. It most definitely needs a work around by all of you; you can sample it all over at the Collective, so dust off now and get to it. […]

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