A lost album: Arid Star – Yes, yes, we’re magicians

Arid Star were once a band. They played four gigs during their brief existence, the last of which was in June of 2009 to about ten people, three more than were on stage at time. Their legacy is a series of anecdotes that nobody outside of the band gets, a desolate myspace page and roughly 100 CD-Rs hidden in some corner of a flat in Temple Bar.

This album was recorded nearly a year after that last gig, but it always felt like it belonged to that short, unforgettable era. The songs come from the same place, the same well. These songs felt like the end of that age; signing off on a good time in life, looking back on something that could never be repeated. It was recorded at home during a week off from college at Easter last year. My brother, Jason, played all the drums. I find it a tough listen but maybe some people will like it. You can thank Dave O’Carroll, Brian Purcell & Brendan Jenkinson for prodding me to do something with this.


Photo for the artwork was taken by Brian Rogers and is used by his kind permission.


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