Record Store Day 2011: C!ties/We Are Losers/Ginola in Twisted Pepper

World Record Store Day is on the 16th of April this year and we’re very glad to announce that Quarter Inch will be taking over the main stage at the Twisted Pepper for the night. We’ve drafted in the help of C!ties and We Are Losers to join our own Ginola in celebrating your humble neighborhood record store. We’ll also have a very, very limited edition tape that will never ever be available elsewhere (not even as a download!) to give out to the first 35 people that show up. It features some top quality remixes from the likes of Noveaunoise, We Are Losers, Toby Kaar and others, making it just about the most hip, indie, collectible thing you’re ever likely to come across.

As you might be able to see from the poster, there’s a bunch of other great things going on in the Twisted Pepper too, including R.A.G.E. and Tower Records DJs, Discotekken in the Mezz upstairs and Lunar Disco in the basement. It promises to be one hell of a night and we’d love to see you there. Doors are at half ten and it’ll be a tenner in. There’s a FB event page here.


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