Just want to say thanks to everyone who made it down the Lower Deck on Saturday night, it was a wonderful night and none of it would have happened without the efforts of a certain few people. Amongst those I can’t thank enough are ESTEL themselves, for being all round legends, Hounds and Turning Down Sex for playing mind-blowing sets, Niall Flynn for the extra pair of hands, Brian Rogers for the delicious artwork and design, Naomi McArdle for beaming light into the darkest of shadows (and then blogging about it) and Brian Purcell for the lift when all seemed lost. It’s called a collective for a reason and nothing would ever get done without these people.

Anyway, if you didn’t make it down on the night you can now buy the cassette from our webshop or purchase a download from our bandcamp (& download Quompilation #1 while you’re there). They will also be appearing upon the shelves of various record stores around the country over the coming days, including R.A.G.E. in Dublin and Wingnut Records in Galway. Remember, there’s a download code included with all the cassettes and if there’s any trouble, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Remember we’ll be doing it all again next Saturday at the Twisted Pepper as C!ties, We Are Losers and Ginola combine to take over the main stage for the Bodytonic Record Store Day Party. That whole day is going to be amazing and we hope you’ll come finish it out in style with us. If you want in for half price (Just 5e) then send an email, with your full name and Record Store Day as the subject, to and we’ll stick you on the list.
So finally, thanks again to everyone who made QIC 002 launch night a very special night indeed, I’m sure none of us will ever forget seeing ‘Crunch Crunch (It’s Oh So Quiet)’ live. Also, keep an eye peeled for our next release, coming next month, which we’re very excited about. It’s all happening here folks.

Thanks again!


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