Harmless Noise

I’ve been trying to find words for this for the last 24 hours. I’ve spent the last hour writing, erasing, re-writing and erasing again the opening of an attempt to express how sad this makes me. I can’t do it. I’m fighting back tears every time it crosses my mind, not always successfully. The passion, love and energy that I’ve seen go into Harmless Noise on a daily basis for over a year is awe-inspiring. As it stands, it is the best record of the best period Irish music has ever experienced. Harmless Noise was vital, it was life-blood, it was the fucking heart. It was two-fingers to every naysayer in the country, it was a stunningly eloquent attempt at giving shape and meaning to something traditionally scattered and fractured. No bias, no bullshit, just honesty, dignity, love and respect for anyone willing to create. The end of this blog is genuinely the end of an era in Irish culture.

There is no writer in the country I hold in higher esteem than Naomi McArdle and what happened to her yesterday made me angry beyond words. But what would make me even angrier, what would disappoint and devastate me even more, would be for her to be allowed to fall from earshot. Hers is a unique voice, deserving of a platform and an audience. I can only hope that someone with the means to help will recognize this and she will have to opportunity to once again show us all what we can be if we put our minds to it.

“And then it was over…except it will never really be. These are the moments that never leave you. This is the music I love and the life I live because it’s as real and rewarding as it’s possible to get. And I felt my faith in the talent of this country renewed and its potential double. Oh, to be as a young, young person witnessing that…why, I might never believe there was anything wrong in the world ever again. I hugged my rainbow-dress, silly-eyed self as mentally tight as could be and left to find the cold air that would temper the residual colour in face like water cooling red-hot steel into something indestructible.”

Love you Nay. Balls to the bullshitters. xx

2 Responses to “Harmless Noise”
  1. Dave says:

    Love the use of the word ‘naysayers.’ Is it too early to reclaim the word in her honour?

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