Things We Learned On Tour

1. That’s a paddlin’

2. Ray from Wingnut Records is the nicest man alive and should be beatified at soonest possible convenience.

3. Do not plan tours in the midst of visits from foreign Royal dignitaries. It makes leaving and entering cities much more difficult than it ought to be.

4. If you ever need a tyre fixed in the greater Mallow area, call Fast Eddie. He’s got a bigger hammer than you.

5. Bendy roads and Lyric FM go really well together. (See: Beethoven’s 1st.)

6. That’s a paddlin’

7. There are towns in Cork called Ovens and Dunkettle.

8. The finest arse in the country is located in Charleville.

9. Kicking your guitar into the audience may result in damage to that guitar.

10. Sometimes a bit of great news in a text can change the whole course of a night.

11. There is no antiperspirant up to the challenge of a punk show.

12. Everybody needs a Nerf gun.

4 Responses to “Things We Learned On Tour”
  1. Mike Drop-d says:

    As a Mallow man, honestly, a flat tire on your way out of Mallow sounds like hell on earth.

  2. Shibby says:

    Dear Quarter Inch Collective:

    I can’t read the bandcamp address on the little piece of paper with the tape where I redeem the download code. Could you be so kind as to provide me a link? The download code itself fine, but the actual link seems to have come out weird and illegible.

    Thank you!

  3. Shibby says:

    Cheers, boss.

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