First Thought // Best Thought

Hey hey, the inaugural First Thought Best Thought will be on the 11th of June in the Loft of the Twisted Pepper. First Thought Best Thought  is our attempt at showcasing some of the most interesting and innovative electronic music happening in Ireland and the world today. Think Brainfeeder, think Anticon, think HotFlush, think your genius bedroom producer mate who lives around the corner. It’s hip-hop, electronica, post-dubstep, or whatever you want to call it, feeding the mind and body equally. Each month we’ll be taking over a room in the Twisted Pepper and playing all the best forward thinking music we can find. We’ll have a guest live performer every month, as well as a guest DJ and a resident DJ.

To kick things off in grand style we’ll have the amazing Defcon making the trip down the M1 from Belfast to shower us in glorious beats and blissed-out noises. If you haven’t come across this guy before you *need* to check him out, it’s just utterly brilliant. The boys from Cloud Castle Lake will be filling the guest DJ slot and Market Force will be spinning a few tunes to get the night started.

It’ll be upstairs in the Loft of the Twisted Pepper, kicking off around 11pm. You can get yourself in for the really low price of five quid by putting your name on the concession list here – or just clicking attending on the Facebook event here. It promises to be a really fun night and we’re very much looking forward to it so we hope to see you there.

Defcon Soundcloud –

First Thought Best Thought on Facebook for you to “Like” –

First Thought Best Thought Tumblr –


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