Hey, this is on this Thursday. We’re going to be taking over Crawdaddy for the night and we’re going to have lots of noises and lights and smoke and things for you to look at. On the stage, Magic Pockets, The Last Sound and Angkorwat will be tearing it up with synthesized goodness while the ambient noisescapes of “Davy Kehoe & Brendan William Jenkinson” and Simon Bird will be washing over the Chocolate Bar. Hopefully from within some sort of tent thing. There’ll be DJs playing lots of stuff you can’t really dance to and a big mad screening of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (with a Georgio Moroder score) in the Smoking area to keep things ticking over in a suitably dark and dramatic fashion.

So do come down early and hang out, should be a right aul larf. It’s only a fiver like, and all your mates will be there.


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