First Thought Best Thought Presents: A Lorem Ipsum Release Party

First Thought Best Thought Presents: A Lorem Ipsum Release Party with Lorem Ipsum plus special guests, Angkorwat & Lamont/Bailey/Wall.

Another night of electronic wholesomeness kicks off upstairs in the Twisted Pepper at eleven thirty PM on Saturday, the 16th of July. We’ll be celebrating the launch of the mysterious Lorem Ipsum’s new cassette with our brothers in lo-fi arms, Long Lost Records. It won’t be pretty, it won’t be simple, but it’ll be something alright.

Supporting on the night will be experimental electronic pop threesome Lamont/Bailey/Wall and electro synthstress Angkorwat.

7 quid in if you fill in the relevant details here or click “attending” here. Ten with a tape. It’s like 15 if you don’t get yourself on that cheaplist because Ben Klock is playing downstairs and that’s somewhat of a big deal.


Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum is the nom-de-synth of 23-year-old Wicklow native Laura Norder. Born from a dusty keyboard collectiong inherited from a Depeche Mode-obsessed godfather, Lorem Ipsum mercifully sounds fuck all like Depeche Mode. Rather, this is the sound of too many late nights spent reading hystercial realism, watching David Cronenberg, and listening to the Durutti Column. Laura Norder plays live drums, samples Nina Simone tracks, and plumbs the triplet grids of stolen laptop software to make found music, lost music, music, and soundtracks to imaginary horror-pornos.



“Spookily hypnotic electronica, with vocals, that all threatens to dissolve wonderfully in front of you like a Solpadeine in a glass of icy water.” – AU magazine

“…vaguely nauseating…” –



Ian Lamont (guitar, keyboards, singing), James Bailey (bass guitar), Patrick Wall (electronics, singing). We play sparse electronic influenced pop music.


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