This Weekend’s Fun Times

Lots of things to be doing this weekend. Here’s what we recommend.

First of all, tonight in the Workman’s Club, Ginola will be playing as part of a night of music curated by the wonderful Barry Gruff. Barry has been a huge supporter of QIC stuff since we started and it’s a pleasure to be involved in such a deadly night. It’s free and Ginola are opening at around half eight so get down early.

Then, on Saturday night, our bros at Long Lost will be throwing a loud ass party in the Little Green St. gallery with Bridges Of Madison County, The #1s, Celibacy Club and Disguise. One of the best line-ups for a DIY gig in ages if you ask us.

Then, if you’re looking for more dancing after that, come down to the Twisted Pepper where we’ve got Ger Duffy of School Tour and Patrick Kelleher of the Cold Dead Hands doing us a slow-mo disco set in the box from 12-2. If you’re familiar with Ger’s special Box Social sets of slowed-down shmoove, basically lots of 45s played at 33rpm, you’ll know this is not one to be missed! If even that is not enough to tempt you down, Mano Le Tough and Barry Redsetta will be tearing the basement a new one next door. Plus, the Eat My Shorts film festival will be in full swing during the day and the Euros are on, so the place should be hopping. Full details here.


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