June Batch: New Releases from Ginola, Ilex, Flok and Daddy Long Legs

We’re back! And we’re kickstarting summer with not one but four new releases. At once! Crazy time.

We’re very honoured to be bringing into the world the work of Ginola, Ilex, Flok and Daddy Long Legs. We’ll be launching these with a party in the Workman’s Club this Friday – the 15th of June – where Ginola and Ilex will play, with support from our good friends Simon Bird, Celibacy Club and The Bridges of Madison County. Feelgood DJs extraordinaire Lemonada and Gav Elsted will be spinning the tunes after.

Anyway, here’s some details about of the individual releases. We really hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we have as we truly believe this is some of the best music around.

Ginola are back with their Way Harsh EP, the follow up to last year’s split with Turning Down Sex. It’s been doing the rounds online over the last while and you might have seen the video, but you’ll need to hear it on tape to get the full picture. The four songs on Side A are backed by a truly monstrous remix of ’14 Hormonal Years’ by the one and only Simon Bird. You’ll only ever hear that on the cassette, of which there are only fifty in existence.

Ilex’s MV101 is her first release with us and the four songs on the EP each highlight just how special Holly McGowan’s take on minimal electronica is. Concentrating on space, texture and detail, it’s a listening experience quite unlike any other. Taking loping beats, big bass drums and fractured bits of synthesizer melodies, Holly balances the spacious beauty of the best minimal techno with the energy and tempo of sounds altogether more exhilarating. The EP will be on CD in an edition of 100.

Flok’s debut EP is finally getting the CD release it has always deserved. You might have heard ‘Cars & Other Observations’ last autumn and the other two tracks here are just as warm and subtly ambitious. The Corkmen have a very particular way with intimacy and their natural, casual musicianship allows them to twist folk and indie ideas into something totally their own. The EP will be available on a run of 50 CD-Rs and it was mastered by Stephen Quinn at Analogue Heart.

Daddy Long Legs are the ace up our sleeve in this batch. We’ve been keeping this card very close to our chest over the past couple of weeks and can’t begin to explain how excited we are to finally share what we believe to be one of the most idiosyncratically brilliant albums you’ll hear all year. The Galway two-piece have a beautifully open approach to pop that is unlike anyone else out there, taking the catchiest pop melodies and shifting the context surrounding them to find entirely new ways of lodging in your mind. This album will only be available in a very limited run of 40 tapes.

Hopefully we’ll see y’all down in the Workman’s on Friday night!


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