First Thought // Best Thought

Hey hey, the inaugural First Thought Best Thought will be on the 11th of June in the Loft of the Twisted Pepper. First Thought Best Thought  is our attempt at showcasing some of the most interesting and innovative electronic music happening in Ireland and the world today. Think Brainfeeder, think Anticon, think HotFlush, think your … Continue reading

Tonight’s the night!

Tonight’s the night folks, the big one. Hope to see y’all down there, the Lower Deck, half seven. The first ever Rhino Magic show will be starting at 8pm sharp and believe me, you really won’t want to miss that. For anyone who can’t make it, the tapes will be available from the Record and … Continue reading

Quompilation Updates! Stream/Launch/etc

So the week is finally upon us, the week all this buzz and hustle has been about. On Thursday night next, the little baby that is Quompilation #1 will be released into the world as spinning bundle of cassette-shaped joy. Within the comfortable confines of the Lower Deck, seven bands shall play for your entertainment, … Continue reading

New Release: Quompilation #1

Quick question: What do the following acts have in common? Cloud Castle Lake Flok Ginola Hipster Youth Kid Karate Market Force No Monster Club Patrick Kelleher Rhino Magic Sacred Animals Spies Squarehead We Are Losers Stuck? Well, let me tell you. They’re all going to be on Quompilation #1! Quompilation #1 will be a cassette/download … Continue reading

Gig: Market Force @ The Bernard Shaw

Playing a short set at this here night of fun and frolics. It’s free and it would be great if you could make it along. I know it’s the same night as Caribou and all, but maybe you can do both. Ian

Free Music Week: Market Force

Well this is pretty unashamed. I figure this is supposed to operate on some level as some sort of record label so it would be pretty weird not to mention the only stuff actually released, per se, on it. I won’t go on about this because I can’t really talk about myself without sounding like … Continue reading