Quarter Inch Quarterly Mix

Ten songs that have kept the fire burning around Quarter Inch HQ for the last couple of months. Pretty chilled.   Quarter Inch Quarterly Mix – Q1/2012 (Click to stream/download)   Bill Callahan/Alexander Tucker/Julia Holter/Orquesta/Panabrite/Nina Kraviz/Katie Kim/Jim O’Rourke/Grouper Advertisements

The Twisted Pepper Turns Three

Tomorrow night, POGO hosts the third night of the Twisted Pepper’s third birthday celebrations. Early doors: The Field and Walls. Kompakt action courtesy of On The Record. Will be jammers. Late doors: Floating Points (3-hr set), Joy Orbison, TR-One and ourselves playing some records in the Café to keep things swinging while you’re getting your … Continue reading

Hole Cyan Drone & Other Improvisations

New music from Simon Bird’s even weirder, more ambient side project. Deeply unsettling and unnerving, this is a collection of four completely improvised, one-take pieces that have not been produced or overdubbed in any way. No samples were used either, which makes the entire thing even more interesting. You can find a lot more Simon’s … Continue reading

LCD Soundsystem’s Final Show Screening at The Bernard Shaw

After the all-round success that was Kanye West Live at Coachella, Live at the Bernard Shaw, we’ve decided it might be fun to do something similar again. It’s a pretty good way to spend a summer evening after all, chilling in the sun with a long island iced-tea, a great concert on the big screens … Continue reading


Hey, this is on this Thursday. We’re going to be taking over Crawdaddy for the night and we’re going to have lots of noises and lights and smoke and things for you to look at. On the stage, Magic Pockets, The Last Sound and Angkorwat will be tearing it up with synthesized goodness while the … Continue reading

Kanye West – Live at the Bernard Shaw (Kind of….)

This Thursday we have something very special to present. This Thursday, we’ll be showing Kanye West’s amazing performance, in its entirety, in The Bernard Shaw. Big screens, bigger speakers, biggest performance. Anyone who has seen it already knows it’s just about the best stage show ever seen. Anyone who hasn’t seen it, well, there’s no … Continue reading