The Year In Rearview

So, it’s New Years Eve again. It’s weird, getting so worked up about something that happens relatively often. Personally, this year is different. I guess the goalposts have shifted somewhat in the last twelve months. It’s been a strange year, the strangest. The best and the worst, the brightest and the most difficult. Every horizon … Continue reading

Mixtape #12 – You Slept On This by Meljoann

Here we have it, the mixtape that brings us to a round dozen in our series. It comes courtesy of Dublin pop subversive, Meljoann, responsible for one of the most intriguing and addictive albums of the year in the form of her solo debut – Squick. It’s an astonishing listen, definitely one of the most … Continue reading

Quarter Inch Mixtape #11 – Hey, Who Really Cares?

Installment number eleven in our Mixtape series has arrived in the form of ‘Hey, Who Really Cares?’, 47 minutes of high quality tunes from Aoife Barry. Aoife writes about music on her wonderful blog, presents the Sweet Oblivion radio show on 2xm, writes about food on Adventures in Veg with an accompanying column in The … Continue reading

Mixtape #10: No Chorus – No Job

As our little mixtape series graduates to double figures, this week’s entry (in a distinct ironical contrast to the multitude of pre-Electric Picnic mixes doing the rounds) is about being broke and unemployed this summer. It was compiled by Sean McTiernan, proprietor of one of Ireland’s most unique and interesting music blogs, No Chorus. It’s … Continue reading

Mixtape #9 – This is a Mixtape for Quarter Inch from AdultRock!

This week’s mixtape comes from AdultRock, the solo endeavour of Super Extra Bonus Party’s Gavin Elsted. With only a series of remixes, demos and mashups to his name so far, Elsted has already attracted much notice for his incredible ’99 Problems (But a Shank Ain’t One)’ mashup, featuring Jay-Z and Adebisi Shank. An EP is … Continue reading

Quarter Inch Mixtape #8 – Those Geese’s Day Off

They’re coming thick, fast and, in this case, all the way from Brooklyn, NYC. Karl McDonald is the man responsible for this week’s mixtape and he describes it as “A mixtape representing the experiences and thought processes of a day off when all your days are always already days off”. It’s basically got a bunch … Continue reading