Quompilation on RED Radar!

The wonderfully talented Nay McArdle of Ireland’s busiest blog, Harmless Noise, has recently been giving people the lowdown on what’s new and cool in Irish and international music for tRTE’s new Red Radar show. This week she featured the Quompilation as the thing to buy if you had a fiver to spare, as well as … Continue reading

Gig: Cock & Bull 5: Tomorrow night

It’s that time again folks, and the free music extravaganza that is Cock and Bull is upon us. For the fifth outing, the event has moved just across the river and taken up residence in The Grand Social. Which used to be Pravda for those who aren’t familiar with it’s newish name. The Casanova Wave … Continue reading

Quompilation Launch: Thanks!

Pure joy. On top of the world. A triumph.   Seriously, what a night. Thanks so much to everyone who came down and supported all the bands who played. It was a night to remember. Megan Conlon O’Reilly and Louise Kavanagh took the photos, you can see more on facebook.com/quarterinch. If you can’t see them, … Continue reading

Tonight’s the night!

Tonight’s the night folks, the big one. Hope to see y’all down there, the Lower Deck, half seven. The first ever Rhino Magic show will be starting at 8pm sharp and believe me, you really won’t want to miss that. For anyone who can’t make it, the tapes will be available from the Record and … Continue reading

Quompilation Updates! Stream/Launch/etc

So the week is finally upon us, the week all this buzz and hustle has been about. On Thursday night next, the little baby that is Quompilation #1 will be released into the world as spinning bundle of cassette-shaped joy. Within the comfortable confines of the Lower Deck, seven bands shall play for your entertainment, … Continue reading

Quompilation: Squarehead cover Adebisi Shank

To celebrate the fact that Quompilation #1 is being turned into cassettes today, at this very moment, we thought we’d give you a sneak peak at another track off the album. Here’s everybody’s favourite bockety-pop trio doing a ridiculously happy version of Adebisi Shank’s unpronouncable, (-_-). Keep an eye out next week for more details … Continue reading