Quompilation #2 – Full stream ahead

As you may have heard yesterday, Quompilation #2 is now streaming away in it’s entirety. We’re very pleased with how it’s turned out and hopefully you’re just as excited about hearing it as we are. The tapes arrived today and they’ll be all packaged and made beautiful in time for Friday night. Speaking of which, … Continue reading

Quompilation #2

The Quarter Inch Collective is proud to present Quompilation #2! It’s that time of year again and we’re back with another collection of thirteen fantastic Irish artists covering some of their favourite tracks from the year just gone. This year you can look forward to hearing wonderful renditions of 2011’s best tracks by (in no … Continue reading

My Black Ass: Turning Down Sex, Ginola, Slugbait & The Bridges Of Madison County

Fancy a bit of heft of a Saturday night? Would you like it to be free? My Black Ass! We’re going to try throw some really loud parties over the next while, this will be the first of them. With performances from: Turning Down Sex Ginola Slugbait The Bridges of Madison County Free in before … Continue reading

Turning Down Sex (Live video from Crawdaddy)

Turning Down Sex – ‘Come And Get Your Dinner, Simon Bird’ Thanks to Simon Bird for filming this. Simon Bird also makesĀ  amazing music you should check out: Anyone who is looking for the link to make use of your free download of It’s a Disagreeable Thing To Be Whipped, it is http://quarterinchcollective.bandcamp.com/yum

Things We Learned On Tour

1. That’s a paddlin’ 2. Ray from Wingnut Records is the nicest man alive and should be beatified at soonest possible convenience. 3. Do not plan tours in the midst of visits from foreign Royal dignitaries. It makes leaving and entering cities much more difficult than it ought to be. 4. If you ever need … Continue reading

Turning Down Sex // Ginola – Tour Details

This is happening this week. We’d all really love it if you could make it out and support by clapping along or buying a tape or a t-shirt or something. 19th – Galway, Roisin Dubh (Free In, late show) 20th – Cork, The Phoenix (Free in, 10pm) 21st – Dublin, Whelans Upstairs (5E/8E with tape, … Continue reading