#1 – ‘Respect The Silence’ by The QIC

#2 – ‘Red Heart, Red Soul’ by Niall Flynn (Flok)

#3 – ‘Fuck Everything’ by Mark O’Connor (Ginola)

#4 – ‘Songs to Have an Abortion To’ by Megan Nolan

#5 – ‘Muddy, Bloody and Sprinkled With Glitter’ by Joey Kavanagh

#6 – ‘The Block Is Hot’ by Dean Van Nguyen

#7 – ‘Teenage Bedroom Love Stories’ by Liz Pelly

#8 – ‘Those Geese’s Day Off’ by Karl McDonald

#9 – ‘This Is A Mixtape For Quarter Inch by Adultrock’ by Gavin Elsted (Adultrock/We Are Losers)

#10 – ‘No Job’ by Sean MacTiernan (No Chorus, Them’s the Vagaries)

#11 – ‘Hey, Who Really Cares?’ by Aoife Barry (Sweet Oblivion)

#12 – ‘You Slept On This’ by Meljoann

#13 – ‘The Year In Rearview’ by The QIC

#14 – ‘Fifteen Little Hymns for Good Guys To Blast From Their Clubhouses’ by Bobby Aherne (No Monster Club)


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