#14 – ‘Fifteen Little Hymns for Good Guys To Blast From Their Clubhouses’ by Bobby Aherne (No Monster Club)

Start as you mean to continue they say. Well, we’ve set a very high standard for the first mixtape of 2011, which comes from the colourful mind of No Monster Club’s enigmatic front-man, Bobby Aherne.

No Monster Club are the kind of band that bring smiles to peoples’ faces, generally as they jump up and down maniacally in cramped quarters. One of the best live bands around, they have the ability to whip a crowd into one amorphous mass; sweating and heaving like a living severed limb on fire. They have also spewed out some of the finest lo-fi indie pop records this, or any other, country has seen over the last two years. With not one but two albums released last year, you’d be forgiven for thinking things might be quite over the next few months. But no, the fevered imagination of Bobby Aherne shows no signs of slowing down as they ready the release of a new EP – Young Guts Champion. Released this Friday, the 7th of January, on Australian label Masses//Masses, the EP promises six slices of fuzzed-up goodness.

They also have a track appearing on our very on Quompilation #1, due out at the end of this month.

Fifteen Little Hymns For The Good Guys To Blast From Their Clubhouses:

You can check out more No Monster Club news and songs and everything at their myspace.

No Monster Club – A Morbid Fascination:


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