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Remember The Good Things I’ve Done

  “I started out in search of ordinary things…” The Quarter Inch collective started in the Spring of 2010. Which doesn’t seem like that long ago when I think about it now but when I try to think about all the things that have happened since – related and unrelated to this little venture – … Continue reading

Quompilation #3: Cloud Castle Lake – Jasmine

Brothers and sisters, the inimitable Cloud Castle Lake:

Quompilation #3

The artists appearing on Quompilation #3 are as follows, in alphabetical order:   Cloud Castle Lake Davy Kehoe Flok Ginola Girl Band Kathi Burke Lemonada No Monster Club Orquesta Rhino Magic Simon Bird Spilly Walker Turning Down Sex The Wit Criteria   Quompilation #3 will be the final release from the Quarter Inch Collective. It … Continue reading

The Outer Church Dublin: Pye Corner Audio, Black Mountain Transmitter & More

  So happy to be able to announce this after weeks and months of planning and preparation. So excited about seeing three of the finest electronic artists in Britain all in Dublin for one night only, as part of the Darklight film festival. Joseph Stannard, creator, instigator and manager of the Outer Church has put … Continue reading

4 New Releases: All free to stream and download right now!

You get the gist. See you in the Workman’s tonight?

June Batch: New Releases from Ginola, Ilex, Flok and Daddy Long Legs

We’re back! And we’re kickstarting summer with not one but four new releases. At once! Crazy time. We’re very honoured to be bringing into the world the work of Ginola, Ilex, Flok and Daddy Long Legs. We’ll be launching these with a party in the Workman’s Club this Friday – the 15th of June – … Continue reading